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by Andy McInroy

Great Sea Caves of Antrim

Caves where banished gods might find night large enough to hide their crownless heads
Hymn to a wind going sea-ward, William Ross Wallace 1851


The Antrim coast is perhaps the most photographed section of coastline in Ireland. However, hidden under this rugged landscape are some dark and forgotten sea caves which are rarely visted.

Interestingly, a search of the old writings, etchings and photographs from the last two centuries yields some fantastic material relating to these old and unchanging places. The adventurous Victorians loved to row into these caves to take picnics, to paint and to snap photographs.

Many of the old photographs and etchings can still be found today in antique and curiosity shops. Seeing this old material has inspired me to revisit these long forgotten chambers of the Antrim Coast and to create a new photographic record of these secret places.

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Note of Caution
Many of these caves are tidal and require protected climbing, exposed scrambling or entrance by boat. Rougue sea swells and tidal traps can be serious hazards. If you intend to visit any these caves, please go carefully and at your own risk.

Chapter 1
Cathedral Cave,
White Rocks
Chapter 2
Portcoon Cave,
Giant's Causeway
Chapter 3
Mermaid's Cave,
Dunluce Castle
Chapter 4
Stalactite Cave,
Chapter 5
Dunkerry Cave,
Runkerry Headland
Chapter 6
The Caves of
Rathlin Island
Chapter 7
The Caves of
Prehistoric Man,
Whitepark Bay
Appendix 1
Other Images
Appendix 2
How the images
were made
Interview inside
Portcoon Cave

Photos © Andy McInroy where stated
Text © Andy McInroy