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by Andy McInroy
Photograph Of The Month - December 2009

SN34, Moel Hebog from Mount Snowdon, North Wales

A Dig in the Shoebox

I find that December is a difficult month to find the time for landscape photography. Every year, my portfolios for December look rather empty. However, rest assured it will be business as usual come January when the light slowly starts to creep around the north coast of Ireland once again.

Despite the absence of new material on my webpages, I've still been finding time to continue the Gallaher Card scanning project. I am now up to card 200 (of 600!) and hope to be finished by the summer. This will hopefully become a valuable online database of some of Ireland's oldest photographs.

I have also found time to have a good root through my old filing cabinets to see if I could find something new to share with you. As it turned out, I didn't have to root for too long before I found something worth sharing. In the very first file from 1998 I rediscovered the first roll of slide film I ever shot. This was a roll of Fuji Sensia 200. On this roll I had photographed one of my most memorable days in the hills of Wales, high on a snow clad ridge of the Snowdon Horseshoe.

The view in the photograph is to Moel Hebog, one of the most distinctive mountains to be seen from the summit of Mount Snowdon. The grainy slide film suits this dark and contrasty view quite well. Despite the initial problems I faced getting to grips with exposure on slide film, it appears that beginners luck was with me this time. Despite the bright halo of sunlight above the mountain, I somehow managed to expose the highlights correctly. It's a shame I didn't have the same luck with the rest of the roll! Those overexposed shots stay safely in the archive. However, after 10 years in the cabinet, this one deserves a second look, even if only to see one of the images which inspired me to take up photography more seriously.

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Technical Details
Date/Time: Winter 1998
Aperture: Unknown
Exposure time: Unknown
Focal Length: Unknown
Lens: Pentax 35-80mm FA
Camera: Pentax MZ-50
Film:Fuji Sensia 200 slide film
Support: Handheld
Filtration: None

Text and photos © Andy McInroy