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by Andy McInroy
December 2008

Come Fly with Me

A selection of my favourite landscape photographs have now been geotagged using Google Earth. Geotagging involves embedding the GPS co-ordinates of the location in the image file.

The simplest way to view the geotagged photographs is to visit my place on Panoramio and browse through the thumbnails.

However, if you have Google Earth installed then this will allow you to fly effortlessly over Ireland and quickly zoom in on the locations. The placemark (KML) file is linked below and this will automatically load into Google Earth. You can then zoom in and click on any of the placemarkers to load up the larger photographs through Panoramio. In the areas which offer high resolution mapping, you will be able to find the rock I was stood on when I took the photograph! I hope this new system gives you a feel for the landscape and locations that I visit on a regular basis.

Note of Caution - Please bear in mind that a few of these locations can be accessed only by dangerous scrambles, rope abseil or by boat. The inclusion of a marker point is in no way an indication that the location can be safely accessed on foot. Please go carefully if you intend to visit these locations.

Download KML file for viewing in Google Earth

Not tried Google Earth? Download it here

Text and photos © Andy McInroy