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by Andy McInroy
Print Of The Month - August 2007
Landscape Photograph

Port Caman
Whitestrand bay, Inishowen, County Donegal

Technical Details
Date/Time: 9.13pm 5th July 2007
Exposure time: 0.7 seconds
Aperture: F22
Focal Length: 16mm (APS Sensor)
Lens: Pentax 16-45mm DA
Camera: Pentax K10D
Filtration: Lee Neutral Graduate (2 stops, to balance exposure)

In Search of Bad Weather

In Britain and Ireland we have a habit of complaining about the weather. It is common complaint that unites us against a shared enemy. But as a photographer, I'm thankful that we actually have weather! I can only sympathise with photographers who live in regions of the world where the conditions might not change for weeks rather than minutes. What I love to see is fast moving weather where you can see thunderclouds race across the sky and light is fleeting and exciting.

So with the rain lashing down, I ventured into darkest Inishowen. And I'm glad I did. This was my first visit to the pebble beach of Port Caman on Whitestrand Bay. The moody backdrop suited the conditions perfectly but the biggest problem was keeping everything dry in the rain. A few specs of water on the camera lens can ruin a shot but I got lucky this time as I managed to get a good wave and a clean lens at exactly the same time.

This visit confirmed to me again that it is always worth going out. By matching the conditions (and the forecast) to the location you can increase your chances of catching some fleeting light. But hopefully I've convinced you that even on the dreariest and darkest of evenings it is still possible to capture something worthwhile.

So what are you waiting for? Pull on the waterproofs and get out there.

Text and photos © Andy McInroy