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by Andy McInroy
Print Of The Month - May 2007
Landscape Photograph

Dancing on the Strand
Benone, County Derry

Benone Strand is perhaps Ireland's longest beach with just over 12km of unbroken sand. There are few places I know of in Ireland that give such a feeling of freedom and space.

It therefore seems fitting that I visited this superb beach free from the constraints of the bulky equipment that I usually carry. The tripod, the filters, the lenses were all left at home. My camera and my small pancake lens were my only burdens and my two children were my inspiration.

As I walked along behind them I noticed them stop on the sand to face each other. And then they began to spin, a dance they had invented for themselves, perhaps inspired by the movement that was possible in such an open space.

All too soon the moment was over and the ice cream fight started. But you're not to see that.

So is this a landscape? Is it a portrait of two young children? The boundaries are blurred somewhat. What we can say is that the landscape has surely inspired my children in the same way that it inspires me.

Technical Details
Date/Time: 1.07pm 3rd March 2007
Exposure time: 1/125th second
Aperture: F11
Focal Length: 21mm (APS Sensor)
Lens: Pentax 21mm DA Ltd
Camera: Pentax K10D
Filtration: None

Text and photos © Andy McInroy